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Corvette FX3 & Ferrari Shock Actuator Rebuilds


Rebuilt shock actuator

Captain Z is proud to offer fx3 shock actuator rebuilding for your 1989 to 1995 Corvette equipped with fx3 ride control; also Ferrari and Maserati.

The original plastic pieces in the actuator often break and are a cause of failure in the selective ride control feature of your Corvette or Ferrari. The first sign of trouble is often the SRC "service ride control" light on the dashboard.

We offer corvette fx3 and Ferrari shock actuator rebuilding in which we replace the two plastic pieces which turn the shock shaft with pieces machined from billet aluminum. The aluminum pieces are much stronger than the stock plastic ones. Until recently, the only option was to buy a new actuator which also has the plastic gears.

We also offer Bilstein OEM shock gears also stainless steel shock actuator retaining clips for sale. A photo is shown on our diagnosis page.