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Corvette FX3 & Ferrari Shock Actuator Rebuilds

One of the first signs that your system is or isn't working properly is the service ride control light on the dashboard.

When the ignition key is turned, the system will do a check to be sure it is working properly. The service ride control light should come on momentarily and then go out if all is well. If the light stays on then the system most likely has problems. If the light doesn't come on during the system check; the bulb may be burned out or a previous owner may have removed the light.

The system retains trouble codes which can be retrieved to help diagnose the problem. Refer to a service manual for the codes and the method of retrieval. Please note that the codes will continue to reset until the problem has been corrected.


To check the actuator:

Remove the wire spring clip which retains the actuator to the shock and lift the actuator up off the actuator mounting cup. With the actuator still plugged into the car get someone to turn the ignition key to the first position but not all the way to the starting position. Please be sure the car is in park or neutral and the parking brake is set if you have an assistant help you when turning the ignition key. Follow all safety procedures! This will allow the fx3 to go through its' system check.

Caution: Improperly bench testing the actuator can cause electronic damage which can't be repaired.

Look into the actuator through the rubber seal to see if the splined plastic piece that turns the shock gear is turning during the system check. If you can see that the plastic piece is broken or missing then it may be rebuilt if other components are not damaged. 
Some very good information about your FX3 system can be found at the following link:

We would be happy to help assist in determining if your actuator can be rebuilt, feel free to email with any questions you may have about the condition of your actuators.
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Please take a moment to inspect the small metal gear located on the top of the shock. Often they are broken and must be replaced before the fx3 system will be restored to working order. We have original equipment gears in stock for 1989 to 1991. We have replacement gears for 1992 and later models in stock also. These gears are made of steel finished in yellow zinc dichromate. There are two different gears used on the shocks in the fx3 system. The difference is in the size of the stop located along the lower edge of the gear. The year of your Corvette determines the type of gear used. See photo below.
Visually inspect the gear for breaks and for cracks. Also the gear should not be able to turn in complete circles without stopping. If you can turn it continuously without hitting the stop then it is broken and must be replaced. The gear can be replaced in either position without affecting the operation of the shock.


Corvette FX3 shock gears